Safelec now offer an effective solution for collection and disposal of clinical waste bags, sharps and more.

We not only collect orange and yellow bags but sharps and tiger bags too. We also offer onsite equipment to store it safely, including Covid-19 test kits and PPE.

With Covid-19 contaminated wastes, Safelec can collect your waste safely keeping in line with all current UK legislation’s. The waste should be packaged and transported in accordance with the requirements of CAT B pathogens and suitable for alternative treatment.

Other services to help you create a safer work environment;

  • Clinical waste collections
  • Orange, Tiger and yellow bag collections.
  • Collection of Covid-19 test kits and bagged PPE.
  • Supply of on-site storage equipment via our Safepac range. 
  • Supply of theatre and pharma boxes.
  • Covid test stations.
  • Hygiene and sanitising stations for purchase or rental.
  • Vehicle decontamination services.