With nearly a decade in the industry we pride ourselves on being able to provide a top to bottom waste management solution. Our experience with businesses of all sizes from every sector imaginable has enabled us to adapt, improve and grow into todays waste market.

Waste accountability is an important legal consideration for all Businesses and Safelec as a company recognise this. Our one of a kind containment and waste management systems allow us to stand out from the competition, with most of our ‘Safepac, SafeVac, and recycling kits’ unique to the industry. In addition to this we stand by our impeccable service through our work on site, at our premises, digitally and face to face.

Some of the Business sectors we cover;

  • Retail industry
  • Manufacturers
  • Transport industry
  • Defence Industry
  • Sub contractors
  • Electronics and Media Industries
  • Construction industry
  • Health care industry

Waste management services include;

  • Supporting all waste streams and container sizes
  • Unique Safepac containment for office and small buisnesses
  • Unique lamp and Electrical containment of all sizes, metal and Plastic. Designed and manufactured by Safelec
  • A UK first – SafeVac system, handling large spills and liquid wastes
  • Construction waste segregate system, allowing various drums and bins stored in one bunded container
  • A central point of contact for all you waste requirements
  • Dedicated site visits
  • A one stop shop for all your waste management needs
  • No job too big or too small, from a one off job to multiple contracts
  • Access to Lab analysis
  • Efficient waste segregation allowing costs to be reduced and time on sites to a minimum
  • Up front costing breakdown
  • HAzardous waste and duty of care regulations are complied with
  • Ensuring¬† % Recycling
  • Waste reporting, breakdowns and advice offering complete trace ability from producer to final destination.