Safelec ltd provide a garage wastes collection and disposal service designed specifically for the garage and automotive industry. Our aim is to provide an ongoing service that enables clients to maintain a safe, clean, and efficient working environment by removing a comprehensive range of waste materials on a regular basis.

     Some of the services include;

  • Oil and liquid tanker collections.
  • On site, safepac hazardous waste containers.
  • Oil filter, Oily rag, antifreeze, fuel, and Oil disposal.
  • Trained staff to high standards.
  • Environment agency approved permits and paperwork.
  • Vehicle battery, tyres, electrics and body part recycling.
  • Part washers services.


Safelec provide waste management services for prestige and motor racing companies.

The motor industry is now a multi-billion pound industry and has always demanded high standards. Safelec adhere to these high standards with waste management services that provide professional, specialised collection, disposal and recycling services to match these requirements. Our professional services include;

  • Dedicated account management & onsite waste management.
  • Reduction of onsite wastes & Carbon footprint.
  • Secure destruction of body parts, engine parts and sensitive equipment, this in turns removes risks of any after market sales.
  • Advice on site management, product security concerns and secure destruction procedures.
  • Nationwide Oil tanker collections, recycling oils up to 100%.
  • Environment agency approved site for secure destruction.
  • Paperwork audit trail.
  • Cost effective services reducing the need to hire different waste management companies for different waste streams.
  • Onsite waste segregation systems.