hazardous waste

In the 21st Century all businesses are now legally obliged to dispose and recycle Hazardous and Difficult wastes. Compliant waste management is hard to find. Well you can look no further.

Safelec collect and dispose of Hazardous wastes across the UK. We have a fleet of vehicles and professionally trained staff to handle almost any type of hazardous waste. Upon collection we come equipped with the correct vehicles, containment and expertise to remove hazardous waste safely. In addition we provide environment agency approved consignment notes for you records which again are a legal requirement.

With legislation change and legal obligations for businesses to safely dispose of hazardous wastes, Safelec can advise, collect, sort, segregate and dispose of Hazardous waste correctly. Where necessary we use the correct containment’s, practices, disposal routes and paperwork to ensure Hazardous waste finds its correct disposal point. Safelec can provide full audit trails, COSHH data sheets, risk assessments and health and safety compliant practices to handle Hazardous wastes of any quantity. Our waste management systems are tailored made for onsite segregation.



    • Cement Bonded Asbestos.
    • Construction wastes.
    • Paints.
    • Aerosols & Expanding Foams.
    • Fridges.
    • Old TVs & PC Monitors.
    • Lab Smalls.
    • Oils & Fuels.
    • Batteries.
    • Spill wastes.
    • Chemical contaminates.