Safelec ltd offer businesses secure destruction and storage services. We have experience in the secure destruction of a vast range of sensitive materials. Our team can pack away your confidential wastes and provide you with complete peace of mind.

Safelec’s ISO accredited, secure destruction site can guarantee destruction of a wide variety of goods and products from confidential data to out of date produce. We can process large volumes of material, which can be accepted on pallets. We can arrange collection and transportation on your behalf.

The secure destruction service includes 24-hour CCTV camera surveillance, which closely monitors all areas of the site. If you wish, you can witness the destruction of your product, or we can make a DVD recording for your records. A certificate of destruction will be issued for your further assurance.

Recycling and recovery can help to minimise your environmental impact, while maintaining confidentiality by ensuring the product has lost its identity. Wherever possible, we will reclaim packaging material including steel, aluminium, and plastics.


  • Secure on site destruction using trained staff and state of the art machinery.
  • Professional destruction services of – Clothing, Hard drives, Music & Records, Plastics and sensitive documents.
  • ISO, EA, and HSE approved site.
  • Safe transportation procedures.
  • Destruction of sensitive materials including, documents, hard drives, out of date items, end of the line retail products and seized items.
  • 24 CCTV camera surveillance on site.
  • Method statements available.
  • Reclaimed packaging materials.
  • Traceable audit from collection to destruction.
  • Environment agency paperwork.